Oxley High School is recognised as a Centre for Excellence in the New England Region. Our learning community is focused on providing a rich curriculum catering for diverse needs of 21st century learners.
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The benefits of team sports

Winter sports are getting underway and many parents will soon be getting out of bed early on cold weekend mornings to transport their children to sports fields across town. The good news is that even if your child's team never... Read more

Meeting your child’s teacher

Meeting teachers to discuss your child's progress or behaviour can be daunting, but there's no need to feel anxious. Remember, you and the school are partners in your child's learning. Whether it's regular parent -teacher... Read more

Geordie Disco

Disco Lives!

Pounding beats, outlandish costumes, flashing lights…these things sound as though they belong at Rio de Janeiro's Carnivale, but on Wednesday 26 February this year you could find all three in Oxley High School's auditorium. The... Read more